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Brighten your home this Holiday Season with our Professional Christmas Lighting Services! We specialize in Outlines, Wreaths, Garland, Bushes, Tree Wraps and More!

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Tree Wraps



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Residential Outlines

We want your home to stand out in your community!


-We offer custom outlines & Colors

-Hassle Free Service so you can focus on time with your Family.

-Installation, Removal & Storage

-Spread Christmas Cheer!

Tree Wraps & Bushes

Step up to compete with the Griswold's!


-Any Tree any Size. Trunk Wraps and full tree wraps are available. 

-Tree Enhancement options if you don't want the entire tree  lit. 

-Bush wraps & More!

Garland & Wreaths

Spice up your exterior with a little traditional feel!


-Lit Commercial Wreath 24"-12'

-Commercial Grade Garland

-Spray Options Available Upon Request

-Custom Decorated Options to match your inside theme as well.

Over the Top!

Ready to Take Your Home Over the Top?


-Full Design Services to best work with your budget.

-Large Decor & Lighted Frames

-Animated Light Shows

-Custom Themed Installations

-Become the Talk of the Community!

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